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Komet Visionflex diamond strips

These strips have many uses and are recommended by Invisalign, Inman Aligner for IPR and lots of Dentists for interproximal finishing of composites and veneers.

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Interdental separating strips 9816.00

Our Komet serrated saw blades are essential if you wish to break through a contact without losing it.

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Komet SonicTip range

Our SonicTip range of products are proving to be by many dentists the best way to finish off a crown margin and are recommended by Dentists such as Dr Domenico Massironi, Dr Basil Mizrahi and Dr Pascal Magne.

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This month‘s Innovations

Komet Endo-Tracer Set 4670

REF Set 4670

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Komet Endo-Explorer Set 4664

REF Set 4664

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Komet Spiral Polishing Wheels Set 4669

REF Set 4669

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

ClearSmile Aligner
London 12th January 2018

Stoke Poges 26th-27th January 2018

ClearSmile Brace
London 2nd-3rd February 2018

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