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High-quality utlrasonic tips for prophylaxis and periodontics
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Mechanical root canal preparation with 2 files
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Sonic tips for the preparation of interproximal cavities
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Work on zirconium oxide in the dental practice

Set 4637 containing a selection of special instruments
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TMC Extrusion

Extraction, Replantation, Extrusion, Implantation. Regeneration and preservation of periodontal tissue structures by means of orthodontic extrusion methods: Creation of an almost perfect implant bed. Developed by Dr. Stefan Neumeyer
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TMC Files for reciprocating handpieces

Innovative reciprocating instruments for gentle work on hard on soft tissues: diamond coated reciprocating files for periodontal treatment: Reciprocating files/saw for efficient work on bones, Reciprocating files/scalpel for precise cuts on soft tissue. Developed by Dr. Stefan Neumeyer
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Pipe Augmentation System

Widening of resorbed alveolar ridges using augmentation techniques by means of a sub-periostal pipe. Time-saving and minimally invasive pre-implant technique to create an optimal implant bed. Dr. Dr. Karl-Heinz Heuckmann, Prof. Dr. Klaus Ulrich Benner
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PolyBur P1

Excavation in the vicinity of the pulp
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Soft Cutter

Metal protecting work on acrylics for partial dentures and in orthodontics
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Bone cutters ZrN

ZrN Bone cutters enhanced with a hard coating
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Root filling material
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